SFH3 Run #1872: Shaft’s Dick Trail
: 04/16/2018
: Aquatic Park (North end of Van Ness Avenue, by Fort Mason)
: Shaft and Dick Simmons
: Do Her Well


A is for arrows drawn wrong by Just Josh


B is Bloody Good Head, red from a wash


C is for Crabs jogging along


D is for Douchicorn’s visible thong


E is for Eat My Pussy crashing in late


F is for Free Willy from outside of the states


G is for GMs— PV and MD


H is for Hand Pump, a real MVP


I is for Infinite Butthole at large


J is for Just Doesn’t Get It’s late charge


K is for kisses from Allahu Aqbark


L is for livers strained after dark


M is for Muff Daddy counting some cash


N is for New Castle, the beer for this hash


O is for the On After at Ghirardelli Square


P is for the pier that Fucker found fair


Q is for quaffs demanded by Brown Eye


R is for Ru Ru Rimmin and his stunt Luber guy


S is for Shaft and his CoHare Dick Simmons


T is for Tuna on Top closing circle, light dimming


U is for The Uniballer unnutted by Tonya Hardon


V is for Virgins of which we had none


W is for Whorifist, laughing at the scene


X is for X-rated lyrics from Bloqueen


Y is for years of hashes ahead


Z is for zillions of hashers in Dickweed’s bed




Attention Cream Chugger, Cirque du So Lame, Udder Moron, Tricrapylete, Deadbeat, Tears of Semen, Fuck Norris, Hoseblower, Dick Ass Mother Fucker, Masterbaster, Circle Jerk, My Little Porno, Rent Whore, The Perfect Woman, and Mary Tyler Whore, you don’t fit into my rhyme and I don’t know what to do with you. You have been warned.