SFH3 Run #1882: Gay Pride Hash
: 06/25/2018
: Duboce Park
: Reverse Schoolgirl & Just James
: Do Her Well


The thing about the hash


Is that no matter who or how--


Or where you come from, hither, yon


What matters is you’re here now.




Be you Fucker, Slug, or Shaft,


Or Tonya Hardon with no pants,


Backside Banger backing in,


Our hares, leading our dance,




Rent Whore hands wide open,


Dick Simmons clicking fast,


Who’s Your Daddy turning madly,


Miss Delivery, done at last--




From the South Bay or the East,


Come alone or in a group


Like My Little Spermaid and Worst Bottom Ever


You’ll all join us in our loop




No matter who you hang with


Or where you lock your bike


Be you Raspukin or Wash This Asshole


We’ll find something that we like




So come join Tuna and Cockamole


As we greet our virgins to our masses


Donning vests handed by Muff Daddy


Trail bruising tender asses




Hand Pump tapping kegs


One And Done cheers in celebration


Cirque du So Lame giving congrats


On his impending gestation




Uber Luber and Hello Titties


Standing alongside Ska Skank


In line with Perfect Woman for the


Bubblies we all drank




And Dickweed laughing with Tears of Semen


Dick Ass and Chicken Bone Her nod along


The finest selection of orange food


In our gullets can’t be wrong.




But no matter what your preference


How you style your Bloody Good Head,


If you roll like the Uniballer


You won’t find yourself misled.




So be like Gingervitis and Eat My Pussy


Let those birdies free to fly,


Be proud of how you’re special


Let your life be no one’s lie.




So join Just James and Reverse Schoolgirl


Their On After can’t be beat


Cause there’s a game on at Toad Hall


That’s called Sheep Trick or Treat.