SFH3 Run #1908
: 12/24/2018
: Cole & Carl Street
: Millimeter Peter
: Do Her Well


 ‘I’m dreaming of a hash Christmas,’


Says Tricrapylete voice pitched low.


Where the sidewalks glisten


And two virgins listen


To Wee Wee hold circle next to Cole.




‘I’m dreaming of a hash Christmas’


Cries Millimeter Peter as he hares.


With two drink checks nearing


The rain is clearing,


And Hand Pump is dashing up the stairs.




‘I’m dreaming of a hash Christmas,’


Pepe toasts to Mary Tyler Whore,


With a cozy barroom,


John Handcock will assume


That Gobble My Ass’ll have one more.




‘I’m dreaming of a hash Christmas,’


Do Her Well beckons for some cash,


With Shits Fucks Leaves in town


And The Sadiator ready to get down,


Worst Bottom Ever takes off in a dash.




‘I’m dreaming of a hash Christmas,’


Just Doesn’t Get It gives a cheer,


‘May you find your friends gathered near,


And may all your Christmases have beer.’