SFH3 Run #1913: Bernal Down the House Run
: 01/28/2019
: Holly Park Circle at Bocana
: Big Cock Chains
: Do Her Well

Big Cock Chains with vegan goods

Will woo the hash through Bernal hood,

Trailing flour across the hills

A climb to break even Buck Fucka’s will

But not even missed marks by Pepe Le Poop,

Nor Cuming Mutha’s moustache’s droop,

Nor Dickweed’s refrain on motored things,

Nor Mandatory Fun’s effort to sing, 

Neither Do Her Well’s soliloquy on hot gals

Nor Bloqueen’s hashing rationale,

Nor Fleshlight and Golden Snowball’s latest trip

Nor Hand Pump losing the keg’s drip,

Neither Eat My Pussy soaking wet

Nor Foul Ball’s virgins we never met,

Nor Cosmopolitits holding her shit

Nor Dick Simmons taking a picture of it,

Neither Fuck Norris finding herself lost

Nor Just Will learning the beer’s true cost

Nor Yessiryesshesfat’s shit-eating grin

Nor Bierectional trying to win,

Neither Mouth Down South making plans

Nor Just Doesn’t Get It’s attention span,

Nor Just Chaz’s nearly fatal blow

Nor Got Wood finding the pace too slow,

Neither Millimeter Peter chasing Wee Wee

Nor all Five Angry Inches we can see,

Nor Tuna on Top cutting remarks

Nor On All Fours working in the dark,

Neither Cum Test Dummy running amock,

Nor Hello Titties’s hashing luck

Nor Dick Ass’s darkened sense of humor

Nor Muff Daddy’s latest salacious rumor.

Neither Bierectional’s crooked path

Nor Can’t Eat Pussy’s mileage math,

Nor Cockamole’s avocado hoarding

None leave this hash feeling unrewarding

For tonight nothing could raise the ire

Of hashers, warm as if by a fire,

Just give us food, beer, and a roof

Not even Fuck Buddy would find it uncouth,

So with full bellies and warm spirits we’ll sing

In a neighborhood where they’ll let our curses ring

To drink to good friends and the time’s we’ve shared

And to the hearts (and the body parts) that we’ve bared.