SFH3 Run #1972: Green Dress R*n
: 03/16/2020
: Unknown
: Masterbaster
: Do Her Well

Hash trash mad libs version No. 1!

1. adjective
2. animal
3. Hasher's name
4. Other hasher (male)
5. Beer
6. Trail mark
7. Action Verb (-ing)
8. Location in SF
9. Bar in SF
10. Female hasher
11. Communications device
12. Plant
13. Hasher's name
14. Hasher's name
15. Action Verb (-ing)
16. Small object
17. Hasher's name
18. Phrase
19. Hasher's name
20. Religious advisor
21. Long hash song
22. Liquor


It was a ____(1)_____ night at the top of Twin Peaks. Hand Pump grimaced at the sight of a small _____(2)______ being chased by Bierectional. He shook his head, but he knew that the _____(2)_____ would soon get its revenge. Bierectional had been mauled by a coyote only last week. The pack gathered together, waiting for instructions from their fearless hare, _____(3)_____. The last time _____(3)_____ had hared a trail, only five people had died, but five of the virgins had somehow gotten knocked up, so it was considered a win-win scenario by the proud members of SFH3. ______(4)______ blew his whistle, and Just Doesn't Get It raced off into the night. Everyone else stayed around for a solid ten minutes more to finish the keg of ______(5)_____, which to them tasted as the nectar of the gods.

The trail immediately dove down from the hill, and the pack was flummoxed by the first _____(6)_____. Do Her Well immediately began ___(7)___, which immensely disturbed the majority of the pack. Somehow half of the group ended up at _____(8)____ while the other half ended up at _____(9)_______. _____(10)____ was the only one who had enough foresight to call Hand Pump via _____(11)_____, but unfortunately Hand Pump had gotten tangled in some ____(12)_____ while climbing up Tank Hill and was indisposed. In desperation, ____(13)_____ initiated a Zoom conference call, and hashers were called on to report their crimes. To the surprise of no one, ____(14)____ had been accused by the police of _____(15)____ a ____(16)_____, while ____(17)____ had gotten kicked out of _____(9)_____ for writing ____(18)____ on the bathroom wall. Everyone was worried about ____(19)____ until they turned up ten minutes into circle because they had to gussy up. Everyone thought _____(20)____ was doing a fantastic job RAing until it turned out they had set up a version of ____(21)___ to play on repeat. And then the group agreed it was a superlative job of RAmanship. Was there more to be told? Sure, but by then everyone had gotten too shit-faced on ____(22)____ to tell it.

The End