SFH3 Run #2068: 10 Minutes to Beer Check
: 01/03/2022
: Marina Green
: Muff Daddy & Dickweed
: Do Her Well

"I didn't think he was going to last this long!" Crabs said, wiping sweat and other fluids from his brow.

"He never has before," Just Doesn't Get It yelled back. "He's pounded on and on, without letting us take even a small break. My legs are starting to cramp!"

"Muff Daddy!" groaned Do Her Well. "Muff Daddy, you have to stop. I only prepared for ten minutes, and now it feels like it has been an hour. My thighs are chafing like you wouldn't believe."

"He's circling around on me!" Dickweed yelled.

"You have to take over, Dickweed," Muff Daddy told him grimly. "It's all up to you now to finish them off."

Hand Pump stood still and silent, observing the soggy scene.

"Oh, I'll give them a real hard time," Dickweed said, having caught his breath.

"It's pretty hard," Bloqueen observed. "But I didn't think it would be that small. Just Julie couldn't even find it."

"That's ok," Muff Daddy said, wiping his lips. "I ate everything she brought, she seemed pretty happy about it."

"Better than Just Luke," Hand Pump told them. "He had to go get cleaned up, and Jack The Ripper didn't even finish. Just Laura is pretty wet, so it looks like it was long and hard enough for her at least."

"Whew, I need a drink," Wash This Asshole proclaimed. "All this fucking hashing is wearing me out."

The End