SFH3 Run #1727: Back to Schoolgirl Hash
: 08/17/2015
: Jefferson Square Park on Eddy
: My Little Porno
: Dixie LaBouche

It was late afternoon and time for all the schoolgirls and schoolboys to satisfy their Physical Education requirement. For a change, Sister On All Fours and Father Cuming Mutha had led their pupils outside of school grounds.  Watching dutifully over them as they milled around on the sidewalk, they carefully inspected their pupils to make sure that they were dressed appropriately.

“Ah, wait right there, Dildo Baggins.” On All Fours smacked her cross into her palm rhythmically. “Jeans? Where is your skirt?” 

Dildo Baggins shrugged and looked around. Noticing a stray skirt on the ground, he quickly snatched it up and held it out hesitantly.

“Very well, put it on quickly. No, no time to waste, we’re about to get moving.”

Dildo Baggins shimmied out of his jeans and quickly jumped into the skirt, hoping no one had seen. He looked around nervously. Cockagami quickly thrust his camera back into his bag.

“Attention boys and girls,” Father Hand Pump. “My Little Porno and Mary Tyler Whore are leading the class in today’s exercise. Please give them all the respect and attention you would give to me.”

“Class, we’re about to go on a jog through the city,” My Little Porno bounced up and down as she spoke. “We’re going by all the famous churches in the area. It’s a beautiful day!”

“But,” she dropped her voice, “Some people have said that this is a bad part of town. And you never know who might be out there to tempt you to lose your innocence. Be very careful.”

They took off running through the city, led by the two boisterous schoolgirls. The class stayed together, eyes darting nervously as they surveyed the land for any strangers.

The Perfect Woman was also on the lookout, but what he was studying was his fellow classmates’ asses.  They had held his fascination for some time, and today was almost too much temptation. As they stopped at a street corner, Weiner I Am bent over to tie his shoe. The sight sent Perfect Woman over the edge, and he grabbed Weiner I Am and held him tightly, finally popping his cherry.

Wiener I Am at first was stunned and did not know what to do, but suddenly his eyes were opened at all of the innocence that abounded around him. He took off, chasing down ABBAH, attracted by his blond bobbing pigtails and cherry red lips.

The game was truly afoot, and one by one each boy and girl was enticed into some very bad behavior. Sensing that his pupils had strayed from the righteous path, Father Cuming Mutha pulled My Little Porno to the side.  “I think you’ve lost control, my dear,” he said warningly. 

“Oh, have I been naughty?” asked My Little Porno with a wink. “Here, we have some refreshments to cool them down.”

The students sipped their juice boxes with vigor, chests heaving wildly from their exertion.  Uncle Bad Touch watched, salivating while holding up his camera with one hand. 

Mary Tyler Whore and My Little Porno conferred to the side. “I think most of them have lost their cherries,” whispered Mary Tyler Whore.

“These juice boxes will be sure to help the rest with that,” said My Little Porno.

“Did someone say cherries?” asked The Sad-He-Ate-Her, coming up from behind. “I love cherries. I didn’t get one, though.”

“Well I think we have an extra for you, Mr. Sad-He-Ate-Her,” said My Little Porno. “Come right this way. Mary Tyler Whore, send them off please!”

And the group ran once again, even more debaucherously than before. Eat My Pussy shimmied up and down a pole in the middle of the street, drawing quite the crowd before taking off again. A young man chased after him, catching up with them when they stopped again. 

“Take your pants off,” they insisted, as he tried to entice them with alcohol. “We can’t hear you, take your pants off.” At last he did, but he did not give them a chance to do more with him before he disappeared.

Disappointed, the crowd turned to play with their members who had not been thoroughly … interrogated. Most of the crowd went down easily, but Just Joel was having a hard time popping his cherry. Just Tanya, Twerksies Like Xerxes, and Dual Tuals In My Ass rushed over to him, forming a chain up against the van. Rocking prodigiously, the van cushioned their thrusts so that his cherry remained intact. Crying with frustration, Just Tanya reached down with her sharp fingernails and –POP– it was over. 

Fueled by her success, Just Tanya looked over at Oh Shit, whose cherry had also survived thus far. She grabbed his hips and thrust against him to no avail. Reaching down, she found her nails did nothing. Crying in consternation, she bent over and opened her mouth.  Pop!  

The group made their way back to the start, much more slowly than they had set out. “This really itches,” complained MUG, rubbing between her thighs.

 “I wonder who it was?” mused Zippercised, leaning down to check.

“No,” MUG pushed him away. “I think I need Now I Know My STDS…” She wandered off.

“It’s cold.” Ska Skank rubbed her shoulders. “Let’s go to the bar.”

“We aren’t allowed!” gasped Do Her Well. “Do you mean you have a fake ID?” she whispered.

“Whatever,” Ska Skank said and walked away.

“Do Her Well,” gasped My Little Porno. “We’re in trouble. We’re running out of be—refreshments!  And there have been some very naughty children.”

“The keg is out?!” yelped Good Shit Lollicock. He spilled his cup all over himself. “Oh, it looks like I’ve been very bad indeed.” Raising his skirt, he walked over to the girls. “I’m ready for my tongue-lashing.”

“Okay, fine,” said Do Her Well. “Come over here Good Shit, and make sure all the boys and girls can see you. Bend over.” And they gave Good Shit a lashing he would never forget.

“After that display, is there anyone with innocence left?” Just Mercedes, Just Michael, Just Hayden, and Selfie Stick all came forward. Unashamed, Selfie Stick tried to cut off Do Her Well’s pigtails. “Look, Selfie Stick, I’m sure you’ll find someone into that, but it’s not me,” explained Do Her Well.

And so they were castigated for their chastity, along with several other newbies who did not have as visible a reminder of their virginity. Goldifucks bravely offered his prick-head for the remains of their hymens.

“I also hear that we have some boys and girls from other schools who came to see us,” Do Her Well cried.  And one by one all the visitors came forward and revealed themselves proudly. Truants such as Uncle Bad Touch were also brought forwards, though some such as Little Willie and Skidmark hid in the background. What they were doing behind those bushes, no one wanted to see.

“I also heard that someone here has a little predilection for redheads,” taunted Do Her Well. Eat My Pussy pushed Just Richard in front of him, where he fell on his knees.

“Wait a minute,” cried Sleazy Like Sunday Whoring. “That’s the guy that makes my coffee… and does my hair… and he’s my OBGYN!”  She turned to Ska Skank. “I had no idea he was still in school! He must be great at time management.”

“Sounds like he’s got Gingervitis!” cried Roman Showers. And so he did, and so he was.

Gingervitis quickly swallowed from his knees and followed Eat My Pussy back into the crowd.

“Cockagami, I hear you’re throwing a little soiree soon?” My Little Porno put a finger to the corner of her puckered lips. “With 8,000 of your friends?”

“No big,” said Cockagami. “My parents are out of town for the whole week. And The Perfect Woman will help me clean up.”

“Huh?” asked Perfect Woman.

“Well, yeah, you said you’d help polish me off.”

“Get a room,” complained Do Her Well.

“Yeah, he said that too,” replied Cockagami. 

“But I think we know who the real naughty girls are,” continued Do Her Well. “You had this all planned out, didn’t you two?”

Mary Tyler Whore and My Little Porno blushed quite convincingly. “Yes, we have to admit things got a bit… out of hand,” said Mary Tyler Whore.  “We are ready for our punishment,” added My Little Porno.

“I don’t think we’ll be satisfied with just this. You’ll have to satiate everyone in a more… private location,” decided Do Her Well. “But before we do, does anyone else have something to say.”

Frozen Cum shuffled his way forward. “The anti-Ranger run…”

“Did someone say Ranger?” asked Just Joel. “I’m a Ranger…”


“Shit, they’re coming for me!” yelled Father Hand Pump. The white van doors slammed closed, and the tires squealed as he sped off into the distance.