GPH3 Run #1598: WYD Racks ‘Em Up and Knocks ‘Em Down!
: 04/11/2024
: Golden Gate Park in the parking lot for the SF Lawn Bowling Club
: Who’s Your Daddy
: Tongueless

Run #1598 Oh, It’s You Guys Again!

Who’s Your Daddy chose his home away from home, the parking lot for the SF Lawn Bowling Club in Golden Gate Park. It’s always an interesting spot since for a parking lot there are so few spots but not to worry the Gypsies manage to take up most of them and as usual when the Gypsies start arriving the good citizens of the city tend to suddenly find somewhere else they need to be! The Outbeer cruised into a space at the back of the lot and the Gypsies’ bar was open for business. Once Backside Banger and Adopt A Pussy were joined by Pied Piper it was clearly time to tap the keg of Lagunitas Island Beats Tropical IPA. Imagine if you will a newbie who will probably never return since there’d be no chance to stiff the Gypsies a second time. Had Fits In realized there was a new deadbeat she would have turned him over to Exaggerated Crack and Choke Me, Daddy to be dog food for Yank Me, Daddy, the Gypsies canine enforcer. Being licked to death is worse than it sounds. On the other hand, there was Fast Not Furious who cut his hashing teeth in Norway with the OsloH3 and is now a denizen of San Francisco. FNF had heard that the Gypsies do more off roading, and he was there to put it to the test. Udder Moron roared up on his motorcy and stuffed it into the smallest imaginable space then stepped on the seat to get off.  You can imagine the applause as UM said, “I always like to make an entrance!”. Closet Twitcher just sneered and said, “Let’s see if he can do that later!” The pack was milling around sucking down suds when FNF our Norwegian transplant, rook up the Male Missal and welcomed himself to the always cultural Gypsies with a reading that stirred more than just souls. There was Just Fuckoff handing Pastel Gazelle a handful of tissues yet again! Always looking out for other peoples’ interests E=MC Fucked suggested JFO might want to buy tissues by the case at Costco. FNF wasn’t the only newbie, there was Just Rob who may have had that deer in the headlights look but he had a firm grasp on that red Solo cup! Our hare was of course long gone marking his tiny heart out. A quick reprise of marks and after a call for roadies,  the pack was off. AAP with his encyclopedic knowledge of the park took the Lost Patrol under his big wing! Not that they’re fast or at least in a hurry but Cuming Mutha and Blow Queen left contrails as they *an down the trail to get across Bowling Green Dr. As they climbed toward the heavens, Five Angry Inches barrel rolled past them! The trail led through the National Aids Memorial Grove with even Chickenboner setting a stiff pace at least for the LP. Trail cruised down across Nancy Pelosi Dr. and through the woods past the Lily Pond  and across JFK Dr. to Conservatory Dr. WYD brought the pack past the Restrooms so beloved by our hare. Bitch Pimp took it upon herself to make a pilgrimage in WYD’s honor and fired off a selfie to prove her good deed. The area by the museums also provided a chance to get hands on with the public art now on the road instead of autos. Trail held the high ground above the Dahlia Garden. At Kezar Dr. the LP turned towards home and the eagles soared on. As the pack trickled in Just Joshua cast his eagle eye around the pack watching as the keg was tapped and consumed. The Cloak Of Invisibility was draped over it and the Vitamin J heaped on top. The Sacred Bucket was filled with River Madness and as he watched it get steadily lower, JJ ready to make book on who was going to make it how far. Dr. Kimble found JJ his shadow, hmm! Tears Of Semen arrived late but ready to rock. Jack The Ripper made it back alive, and Hand Pump arrived with Bitch Pimp having taken her on a tour of the trail. Tongueless was just getting on a roll with the Sword Of Power giving down downs when the Park Ranger appeared. T put down the Sword and strolled over to the car while there was rumbling from the pack telling him not to go. No sooner did T start his spiel than the Ranger said, “You’re the ones who were here before and we talked. I remember you. Have a good evening.” and off he rolled. T rolled on with the d-ds. FNF chose to entertain with joke and Just Rob chose to both tell a joke and bare his ass, actually that was funnier. JR probably felt he owed his ass to the Gypsies since he stiffed them for his cash. Cheese Turd chose that moment to arrive and bring Just Caitlyn. He arrived just in time to prompt a fart from the keg since growlers had been filled. 5150 arrived and while he didn’t even get a fart from the keg he growlered the River Madness. Cheers.