SFH3 Run #1776: Yankee Doodle Wankie
: 07/04/2016
: Huntington Park
: Cunty Butler and ser titty boo boo
: Do Her Well

This trash is going full throttle, ‘Merican style. Fuck yeah!


A little Bud(weiser), drawings of pussies and dicks, and Ser Titty Boo Boo’s ass cheeks. An eagle named Cunty Butler screeching, soaring overhead, dropping Dick Simmons from above. Heracknophobia unfurling herself and standing proudly in American Colors. By God and the heavens above, a glorious night.


Dick Ass Mother Fucker! The rodeo is just getting started with a little Jizz Hands, when all of a sudden Bitch’s Bitch shows up in Good Shit Lollicock’s underwear. Minor 69er, what these boys do when they’re having fun. Jumping over cars Dukes of Hazard style, Dickweed and Saigon Sally take off after them, with Dual Tools Up My Ass close behind. The action is so hot that Just Doesn’t Get It is pulled over for speeding. ‘Merica’s finest, protecting the country from such ne’er Do Her Wells. Brings a tear to my eye.


Crabs! One Night Only we’re able to show our true red white and blue, and tonight is that night. Just Chris and Just Jesse trade bandanas and do fifty pushups in a row, just because they can. Mouth Down South lifts a Smart Car with his teeth and flips it over. Perfect Woman and Stinky Floss do splits in the background.


Thirsting for a little Hand Pump, Wee Wee comes in hot to the beer check, panting as she sees Cockagami step out of his new Ford pickup, kegs of Miller Light under each arm. Millimeter Peter is riding him like a draft horse.


Deadbeat’s dad couldn’t be prouder as My Little Porno guzzles her beer out of her new shoes. Just Jaci tries to find the flabongo, but all she gets is glitter flerpes. Next week the eagle tramp stamp better be ready for prime time!


As a finale, the hares try to light Dick Simmons’ hair on fire with sparklers, but visitors PO Box and Jugs Juicy stun them just in time with where they hid their swizzle sticks.



God bless you, and God bless America! Good night!