SFH3's Bay 2 Blackout 2016

May 13th-15th

A Kinky Space Oddity!

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Friday Rego!!!

Saturday Rego!!!

Sunday Rego!!!

Cum celebrate our fair city by the bay in the hashiest way possible - getting weird and partying the hell out of it! Join us for a weekend full of drinking, costumes and debauchery! Oh, and r*n (or stumble) a historic San Francisco r*ce!

Friday: Kiss My Shiny Metal Ass - Let's go on a Bender!

Break out your silver spray paint and cardboard boxes, and let's get robotic! Cum dressed as your favorite mechanized character, and hit the robot sauce with us. Hard. This time nobody will think it's cheesy when you start dancing The Robot. We promise!

Saturday: Don't probe me bro! UFOs and alien ho’s

 Abductions, space ships? Maybe some Sexy blue skinned ladies? Probably lubed up anal probes? Most definitely! Whether you like to probe or get probed, you're sure to enjoy yourself. So pull that Marvin The Martian suit out of the closet and show us how real aliens get freaky!

Sunday: Star Whores Episode LXIX: The Foursome Awakens

Furries? Explosions? Incest? What more could you ask for?! It's the year of the Star Whore! If you need an explanation for this theme, just Google "Luke takes Han from behind while Chewie watches." That should take care of it for you.


Rego Prices

Feb 12-March 7th $125

March 8th-April 12th  $135*

April 13th-May 8th $155

May 9th – Day of $175

Single day price $60

* Giveway not guaranteed after April 4th


12 Days of Hashing*

Thursday 5/5: Gypsies in the Palace H3

Friday 5/6: FMH3

Saturday 5/7: Fog City H3

Sunday 5/8: EBH3

Monday 5/9: SFH3 - Tour de Franzia

Tuesday 5/10: Barrrbary Coast H3

Wednesday 5/11: BARH3

Thursday 5/12: Gypsies in the Palace H3

Friday 5/13: SFH3 - Kiss My Shiny Metal Ass - Let's go on a Bender!

Saturday 5/14: SFH3 - Don't probe me bro! UFOs and alien ho’s

Sunday 5/15: SFH3 - Star Whores Episode LXIX: The Foursome Awakens

Monday 5/16 - SFH3 - Tutu

*Subject to change. We are still working out some of the details, and will keep you informed of any special giveaways we may or may not come up with for anyone that's able to complete all 12 days of hashing!

Hash Hotel

Best Western Plus Americania
121 Seventh Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

$229 per night for single/double occupancy.


ATTENTION! The last day that rate is good for is April 28th at 5pm, so make sure you book your room before it expires!


Book by phone: Call (415) 626-0200, and ask for the "SFH3 Running Group" hotel block