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*Snoball 2014*

Welcome Hasher

We are the San Francisco Hash House Harriers, a drinking club with a running problem. We have been regularly terrorizing tourists and traipsing trails since 1982, and have no intention of cooling our heels anytime soon.

We meet rain or shine on Monday nights at 6:15 pm for a bit of running and beer (The running starts between 6:30 pm and 6:45 pm), so lace up those old running shoes and join us!

Check the Hareline for upcumming runs or look below for our next event. Or, call our hotline: 415-ON-BEERS (415-662-3377).

New to hashing? Click here for more information and what to expect.

Questions? Send an e-mail to our GMs.

Next Hash

What: SFH3 Hash #1685
Hare: Bloqueen
When: November 24, 06:15 PM
Cost: $6
Beer: Speakeasy Payback Porter
Start: Corner of Evans & Phelps
On On On: Sam Jordan's

#19 Polk will take you right to the run start, or take the K/T Third Street line and get off at Evans & 3rd just around the corner.


Welcome to the first* (and possibly last) ever run in scenic Bayview / Hunter's Point.

Broaden your horizons! Experience virgin** trails! Enjoy delicious Speakeasy Payback (aka Hunter's Point) Porter at the Beer Check with authentic soul food and yet more Speakeasy beer (spittle free***) at the friendly On-After! The trail has been carefully scouted and recced by your's truly and vetted by none other than the venerable Hand Pump, thus making a bullet proof vests and RapeX condoms entirely optional. Stringent studies and extensive experiments project a pack survival rate of at least 94%. Easy access with MUNI and plenty of parking with free, keyless one-way valet service available courtesy of the local neighborhood organizations**** make getting there a breeze. Speaking of which, the forecast is currently a balmy 16°C / 60°F with clear skies and 0% chance of rain*****.

On-On into the darkness...

Your's truly,
--B. Queen

*) Or at least the first one since Raspukin and GMA ventured just south of the Islais Creek in 2012.
**) Or at least old cranky trails that haven't been laid for a long time.
***) Bottled.
****) No, seriously, you'll be fine parking there, just don't drink & drive. Payback is 7.5%.
*****)  Nor moonlight, so be sure to bring a torch.******
******) That's a flashlight for you Yanks.