SFH3 Run #1857
: 01/01/2018
: Warm Water Cove
: Gondalerrhea & The Perfect Woman
: Do Her Well

A is for Anal Fulcum watching Dual Tools r*n the wrong way

B is for Blowfish returning to play

C is for Cockamole laughing in the breeze

D is for Delivery, Miss if you please


E is for Eyeful Hands, race-ist T-shirt you can’t miss

F is for Five Angry Inches who at a check chose to piss

G is for Gondalerhhea laying flour on trail

H is for Hand Pump, the hash’s Holy Grail


I is for in-laws entertained by Roman Showers

J is for Just Joe who knows of a butthole’s powers

K is for the kilt worn by Maybe It’s Gaybelline

L is the lechery when what was under it was seen


M is for Mouth Down South locked out of his place

N is for nightfall hiding Douchicorn’s face

O is the on-after that Cuming Mutha escapes to

P is for The Perfect Woman’s start that smells faintly of poo


Q is for queer but that’s perfectly ok, points out Backside Banger

R is for the return of the one we call The Sadiator

S is for the shininess of My Little Porno’s pants

T is for Tears of Semen shushing Blowqueen’s rants


U is for the Uniballer watching for danger

V is for visitors like Anal the Elder and Fart Alarm, no longer strangers

W is for Got Wood greeting Just Doesn’t Get It


X is for – no, it has a circle around it, it’s a fucking check you assholes.

Y is for you know that means you have to look for three marks.


Z is for a zoo somewhere has lost its monkeys and where is the on after again?