SFH3 Run #1878
: 05/28/2018
: Noe Valley tennis courts
: Chicken Bone Her
: Do Her Well


The roar from the stands resonated the moment Tuna on Top whistled and pointed at Tonya Hardon, sending her to the bench to sit out of the game. ABBAH rubbed his leg pointedly, limping away from the court slowly with the assistance of Miss Delivery.




“Review! I demand a review!” Dick Ass Mother Fucker complained to Tuna, who frowned, crossed her arms, and whispered in Brown Eye’s ear.




Only one minute was left in the tied game. The Chavs had held the lead for most of the quarter, but the Wankers had the momentum. Tonya being out on fouls this early was going to entirely change the game.




“That’s bullshit!” screamed Stinky Floss. “You can’t review a foul call!”




Tuna looked at her steadily. “Watch me,” she said, going over to the screen Hand Pump had set up.




“What a bleeding pile of smegma,” Stinky Floss muttered.




“Tonya stays in!” declared Tuna. “ABBAH should really be playing for Manchester United.”




Cumstained grabbed a beer and slammed it to the ground, and was immediately ejected from the stadium. “It was just my way of showing enthusiasm?” he was heard proclaiming as Dildo Baggins escorted him out.




CPA and Just Robbed looked at each other, hearts pounding both from the hard battle of the game as well as frustration at Tuna’s call. The action had been quick, Gloryhole working in perfect concert with Fucker and The Perfect Woman. They knew they both had to put the blows to their team behind them. Besides, they still had their star, Cosmopolitits, in the game. If she couldn’t defeat the Wankers, no one could.




Stinky Floss quickly called a time out so the Chavs could regroup. From the courtside seats, Ska Skank booed loudly. “This shit really could use a mosh pit,” she remarked to Cream Chugger. “I’m not drunk enough to put up with Dickweed’s sweat splashing on me.”




“Would you ever be?” asked Banana In Public.




Little Sissy Pants Hasher Boy shifted uncomfortably in his seat, looking jealously at Big Cock Chains with his transportable recliner complete with cooling fan, mister, and pop-up tray now holding a full plate of nachos. When he wasn’t looking, Sissy Pants carefully stole several chips off the top, pointing at I Did Butt when Big Cock Chains noticed.




“Beer! Get your beer!” 9 ½ Wanks strode up and down the stadium steps.
“Only 7 bucks, can’t be beat. I also have a microwave, a dinette set, and two bicycles.” Just Doesn’t Get It nearly tackled her in excitement.




The crowd roared as the action resumed, Dick Simmons dashing onto the court abruptly. “Sorry I’m late! What’s the score?”




Cum Test Dummy nodded at the board, tied at 69, and Dick Simmons gulped nervously. Glory Hole passed to Tonya with five seconds left, who got called on traveling. Cosmopolitits sent the ball to Pepe Le Poop, the stadium nearly apoplectic with excitement. Pepe turned, stepped away from the basket, and bounced it half-heartedly away from the other players as the buzzer sounded.


“WHAT WERE YOU DOING?” Cosmopolitits held her arms out in disbelief.




“Uh?” Pepe shrugged. “I thought we were ahead?”




As the game went into overtime, the crowd roaring in confusion, Stinky trying to pull her Chavs out of the chaos, Chicken Bone Her grinned. No matter what happened, it was the promoters that truly won.