SFH3 Run #1926: BQ's Seasonal Farewell Run
: 04/29/2019
: End of Shields St
: Bloqueen
: Do Her Well


Bloqueen, Bloqueen laying the flour all day
Those marks Brown Eye deplores,


RAs, RAs, who will you make pay,
When there's no trail anymore…


All through the winter Fucker found
Dickweed, Tuna and Cuming Mutha hanging around
Bloqueen, Bloqueen send the pack on its way
Hand Pump’s van waits in store




But trail’s gonna be full of woe
Here we go, looking high and low
Bye bye backcheck
Tears of Semen’s lost and so are we,
Where to go, Fuck Norris can’t see
Bye bye backcheck


Millimeter Peter won’t answer Wee Wee,
Limbo Bimbo dashes past Just Courtney,
Fuck Buddy cringes when a smell alights


Backside’ll stash it out of sight


Diaper, bye bye




Beer check, beer check, calling me far away
I've been longing for you
Beer check, beer check, what do I hear you say
You’re well past your due


Bierectional’s hope is fading here
Stinky Floss is shedding one long tear
Beer check, beer check, this is my lucky day
Muff Daddy’s advice is true




We never thought we’d see him go,
Fuck Buddy curses, the beer won’t flow,
Bye bye Bloqueen
Roman Showers is quite pleased to see
Five Angry Inches calling out angrily,
Bye bye Bloqueen


Tongueless’s Penis couldn’t understand the
Way the hashers all act so crazy.


Can’t Eat Pussy chugs in fright,
Our hare is off late tonight
Bloqueen, bye bye