SFH3 Run #1930: Memorial Day Monday Hash
: 05/27/2019
: guererro park sf ca
: Dick Ass Mother Fucker & Tears of Semen
: Do Her Well


Well, I walk into the park
Passing out flour and some chalk
And it kills, and it thrills, like Tears of Semen helping set my trail
And I buy Sperm Donor a round
And Cosmo’s doing down downs


An' this hash, ain't never gonna be the same


CPA starts running on my course
Mouth Down South is in the city
Cuming Mutha makes some noise
Cause my checks
Are a little shitty


Running past Cum Test Dummy
And my old friend Muff Daddy,
You hear Gloryhole say
Save a horse, ride a hasher


Even Wee Wee says
Save a horse, ride a hasher




Got Wood doesn’t give a dang about nothing
Tonya’s singing and slide-slinging
While Dickweed is drinking
Down downs down!
And I wouldn't trade my backchecks
Or my turkey for your barely legal
Ballbusting eagle
Getting Five Angry Inches turned around


Cause I mark out a true trail
East Bay is in the city
Dick First Ass Up making noise
Cause my Dick Ass
Is so pretty
Running up and down Bernal
Bemasked by One Night Only--
Y’all hear Hand Pump say
Save a horse, ride a hasher.
Fix Her Up Her says
Save a horse, ride a hasher.




Red Rocket’s ahead
Wait—who said head?


I think we’ve been misled


Hoseblower gettin' buzzed on suds
Out the back of that white van.
Big Cock Chains biking by,


With Strava fly-bys, Millimeter Peter’s maps don’t lie
Bierectional’s going, just as far the beer would let him go.
But My Little Spermaid
Won’t see you get mislaid
Letting her beer cascade
All night long
Can’t Rush Anal was out singing songs
Randy Brandy bobbing, dancing along
And Tuna doled out every down down she could think of
And oh we hashed!


Mary Tyler didn’t force
Master Debater into the city
Eat My Pussy makes some noise
Cause Gingervitis
Is so witty


Running up and down Bernal
Wash This Asshole says Whoa Boy!
Bush and a Rack says
Save a horse, ride a hasher
Tongueless’s Penis says
Save a horse, ride a cowboy


What? What?
Save a horse ride a hasher
Even Do Her Well says
Save a horse ride a hasher