SFH3 Run #1942: DHW's Shot on Trail of the Year
: 08/19/2019
: Lincoln Park Golf Course, Legion of Honor Drive & Clement
: Do Her Well
: Do Her Well

The warbles wibbed as gathered there
Amongst the glistening fray
Hand Pump amok in fine galumph
When drained the glibs of day.

"On on!" Crabs cried as Cheeseturd stood
Alack as ever'd been
Their ghastly cries did make the hares
Perfect Woman out of men.

And hithered Fuck Buddy upon the rise
Worst Bottom came from yon
There dithered Guzz upon his course,
With Masterbaster 'cross the lawn

The sun aset did foible all
Douchicorn afront the crew
Circle Jerk glapping thru the baths
Tonya Hardon steeped the dew

And cross town gribbed in grimsome luck
At backcheck tremored Sleazy
Backside Banger found himself agash
Backwash slipped by them, easy

And On All Fours was foul beset
By shortened walker's route
Where cock ascribed before Shaft's eyes
Ground green upon the grout.

But at the fountain there they slooped
Just Get It Over With
And down the hill all they trooped
Abreast Five Angry Inches width.

And slurped the squiggle did Circle Jerk
Croaking Bush, Muff Daddy chomped
One Night Only with the Uniballer larked
With corgi, Fuck Norris romped.

And at the night there Tuna stood
Relack with troubles high
Cosmo lofting Good Shit's twig
And EMP held the lie.

And stood there Dickweed doubled again
From Banana to his right
The beery vision quaked Gloryhole
Spawned two from one at night

I'd Do 'er gave a sight of thanks
Closet Twitcher chased a tune
Pussy Monster vowed to never again
Wash This Asshole 'neath full moon.

The sight of Bum Sucking Electric Fag
Proshed Cuming Mutha's spirits high
Tricrapylete hoisted his old friends
Tongueless's Penis nodded awry.

The warbles wibbed as departed there
Fading fast the glistening fray
The hash once more drew to a close
On out the trail did lay.