SFH3 Run #1945
: 09/09/2019
: Crocker Amazon Playground, Moscow Street Parking
: Mary Tyler Whore
: Do Her Well

Hand Pump scoffing, Buck Fucka lost,
Dick Ass'd rather not pay the cost.

Three Fingers working, Tonya Hardon at play,
Mary Tyler Whore's trail in disarray.

CPA drinking, Six Tits A Week left,
Too Hot 2 Trot in McLaren bereft.

Bierectional confused, but what was new?
Wash This Asshole enjoying the view.

Fucker livid, Fleshlight out,
Cum Test Dummy's face in pout.

Tuna pensive, One and Done screwed,
Brown Eye could not find any dudes,

Backwash waving Fuck Buddy in,
John Handcock's patience wearing thin.

On All Fours grousing, as was Circle Jerk
Miss Delivery grinning, away from work.

Cuming Mutha humming, Do Her Well rhymes,
Five Angry Inches assembling crimes,

Fix Her Up Her disappointed, The Uniballer disappears
At the keg Just Doesn't Get It leers.

Vagina Dentata calling, Masterbaster with pup,
Backside Banger standing, sipping his cup.

Cockulus Oculus observing the theater
Penguin-ed were Gingervitis and Purple Pussy Eater.

The circle ashiver, Golden Snowball with a jig,
Tongueless's Penis taking a swig,

Jack the Ripper snorting, Just Michael burps,
Just Get It Over With takes a cherry-filled slurp.

The experience unmatched, the night without peer--
Mouth Down South cries: "Trail of the Year!"