SFH3 Run #1960
: 12/23/2019
: Randall Museum Parking Lot
: Cockamole
: Do Her Well

I don't want a lot for this trail,
There is just one thing I need
I don't care about John Handcock
Solving backchecks we can't see,
I just want some flour and chalk,
Who's Your Daddy can't find fault,
Setting this trail solely--
All I want for a hare is Cockamole

I don't want a lot for this trail
This small group is all I need
Hand Pump bringing up the beer
Stinky Floss's flour dick to see
I don't care if Gobble My Ass
And Captain Organ both race past,
Tears of Semen will make me happy
Finding Guzz at the on in,
Seeing Just David on his own
At Tom And Jerry's house aglow,
Trudging uphill slowly,
All I want for a hare is Cockamole

We won't ask for much for this hash,
Fucker won't even wish for checks, and I
I know not to follow Bloqueen
Sperm Donor will make the trek,
I'll make up my list of hashers
Keeping track for the trash
I'll hassle Backside Banger
Trying to collect hash cash
'Cause all we want is trail tonight,
Hello Titties just in sight
Running highly and lowly
Oh, baby, all I want for this trail is Cockamole

At the circle we're singing
So loudly everywhere
And the sound of ribald
Lyrics from hashers fill the air
And Tuna is giving down downs
Dick Simmons, you drink it down down
Just Doesn't Get It bring me
The beer I really need
Won't you please bring the beer check to me quickly
We don't want a lot this hash
Wash This Asshole won't ask for more,
I just wanna see Miss Delivery
Toasting Hoseblower and Mary Tyler Whore,
Bush and A Rack in holiday mood,
Banana in Public enjoying the food,
Scraping specks of guacamole
Baby all I want for this hash is Cockamole,
All I want for this hash is Cockamole!