SFH3 Run #1979
: 05/04/2020
: Unknown
: Dick First Ass Up
: Do Her Well

The reviews are in, and it's plain to see that Dick First Ass Up's synchronous trail was amazingly adequate.

"I never enjoyed hearing someone pant in my ear so much," Cockamole proclaimed. "And I live with Just Jasper."

"I do my best," Deadbeat said coyly.

"That view of Butt Plug FRED's crotch was amazing," Wrinklepecker announced. "Not enough bleach in the entire household for my eyes."

"It's true," Cosmic Pussy added. "We hit the limit of two bottles at the corner store, and apparently they sometimes pick up the phone and warn the neighboring places to look out for you? DFAU's trail was sure educational for us. I'm not sure how Code for Butt gets by at all."

"I ran into about the same about of barbed wire as I do on most East Bay trails. It was a treat for sure," Queen informed us.

"The most difficult part for me was figuring out how to prevent Just Doesn't Get It from shortcutting," Do Her Well added. "I don't even know how he does that without any marks."

"It's amazing how SFH3 hares instinctually send the pack up a hill, even remotely," Bloqueen put in. "Tears of Semen kept blinking twice for help, but all the people in Dolores Park were already day drunk."

"Vagina Dentata and I just stayed in a chilled," Just Get It Over With smiled. "So it really hit the mark for us."

However, not all reviews were favorable. Tuna on Top, Sister Fister, and One Night Only all could not even be reached for comment. As for the others...

"Running? Ew," Sleazy proclaimed.

"The drinking was just too easy. Left hand. Right hand. C'mon, show some creativity, hares," Dildo Baggins added. "We are experienced drinkers here."

"There was a whole lot of piss on trail. I mean, it was from Dakota," Tonya Hardon piped up. "Mostly."

"This trail was just too easy for me to get to," Five Angry Inches told us. "It's no fun if you don't have to work for it."

"I worked hard, tried my best, and was I FRB?" Sperm Donor groused. "No!"

"I didn't even to get anyone to leave their stuff in my van," Hand Pump complained.

"It was my naming anniversary, and all they did was make fun of me. Just like my actual naming," Muppet Dick pointed out. "No variety with this crew."

"And after a really weird Zoom meeting, suddenly I have to set trail for next week?" questioned Humpy Slowcum.

"There was a Zoom meeting?" Eat My Pussy asked.

The End