SFH3 Run #1980
: 05/11/2020
: Unknown
: Humpy Slocum

To the tune of Yankee Doodle:

Humpy Slocum made a trail
And set it on a Tuesday
'Tell us where!'' Said Do Her Well,
'It sounds like a confused lay!''

Eat My Pussy was FRB
Wrinklepecker sips his brandy,
5 Angry Inches comes back home,
And Tuna drinks a shandy!

Circle Jerk ate some bad beans,
And told us of his food store,
But it's Sleazy who found it fun
To make her victims' drinks pour!

Oh Dildo Baggins string those beads,
Hand Pump is feeling dandy,
One Night Only volunteers
To with the flour be handy!

Menage A Lot put out his plate,
Muff Daddy licked his lips,
But Cockamole's pooches' drool,
Was what would make her slip!

Oh Cream Throat Willie sing that song,
Keep CRA's drink handy,
For Zooming where we get shit-faced
Is our Modus Operandi!