SFH3 Run #1984: A Distant Trail from a Distant Hare
: 06/01/2020
: Wester Addition Library (Scottt & Post)
: Che Gayvera
: Do Her Well

Remember, remember,
Keep your legs quite limber,
For the pizza and Pliny plot,
I know of no reason,
Why our hashing season,
Should ever be forgot!
Che Gayvera and his companions,
Made a plan to deprive
Poor Bloqueen and Tears of Semen,
Of beer on the drive,
Roman Showers found trail, laid below,
Cockulus Oculus dealt those backchecks a blow,
But not even Deadbeat could the hare he catch,
Circle Jerk stood vigil, lighting a match,
With Tuna and Cockamole,
For the sake of One Night Only!
If you won't give me Pliny,
I'll take two,
The better for me,
And the worse for you.
A slice, a slice, hot cheese in a trice,
Humpy Slowcum feared it'd choke him,
But the Pliny did wash it down,
Dildo Baggins won't let life burn him,
Holloa, hares! holloa, hares! make the On Ons ring!
Holloa, hares! holloa hares! God save the GMs!