SFH3 Run #1059
: 10/13/2003
: North Windmill in Golden Gate Park ... JFK/Fulton
: Pencil Dick & Just Greg
: Coitus Avoidus

Oct 13th - Windmill/GG Park start Hares:  Pencil Dick & the hare formerly known as Just Greg…while it had been a rather warm & sunny day, the fall crispy chill set in as *unners started thru the park…Rev Itchy was seen/heard collecting for his daughter’s college education at the start…PWaP was stripping on trail quite early, left over inspirations from last week perhaps.  Eat My Pussy was seen running upstream presumably NOT to catch the strip show…the *un included a viewpoint shot check just before heading on to more trail where hashers were reminded the days are getting shorter – rumor has it an upcoming *un will include a trip to SportsBasement’s new Presidio location & hashers will be extended a 20% discount, so plan on buying your Petzel’s/flashlights!   Back to the picnic table near the windmills, Pencil Dick was pumping the camping lantern making it squeak like the mattress of a newlywed couple.  Oktoberfest wieners & sauerkraut were served from a cooler of boiling water (good tip).  Left My Heterosexuality in San Francisco asked Pencil Dick how long the last hotdog was & was told it doesn’t usually matter how long it is, it’s how you use it – LMH in SF used it between a bun (albeit it broken).  Eager Beaver was left w/o a bun, Where’s Dildo assisting with bun finding & Princess Slut was heard telling a hasher, “let go of my weenie”…Joe Pubic Hair was a weekend party animal dancing naked on the Little Italy float & doing the Cabbage Patch with seven women (who don’t know why he actually celebrates Little Italy)…Tom Thumb was a kicking & screaming juvenile delinquent when called out for his involvement in the runaway stroller (trying to hurt his sister so the college fund defaults to him, he has much fraternity antics to pull off & sorority chicks to do he said later)…Ball Handler left early on a quest of some sort so Wee Wee (buy his stickers for a buck) drank for her crimes of developing supposed Cuba trip pics but they were looking an awful lot like the Folsom Street Fair!  I’ve been to Havana & those Malecon Men dontlooksogoodinchaps!  Ron Jon is the quintessential Federal Govt employee & while enjoying the holiday, completely forgot he’d be hashing & went for a morning *un.  Some *an extra during the Providian relay & were called out for it.  The hares got too close to perfection but Just Greg was called out for a lack thereof (by his wife’s account) & duly named Never Goes Down – maybe he ought to save his energy, quit humping trail so much & work on something else this autumn, eh?  Visiting/returning hashers included the likes of Frozen CumLMH in SFTight Lips & Nothing Down Under (who was never even missed) & code word Beastie Boy failed Capt O who brought some sucker to the hash.  Pumpin Ethel turned another year older & the hash was sent to go get it on on on at the Beach Chalet…

On on,