SFH3 Run #1060
: 10/20/2003
: Unknown
: The Guzzler
: Coitus Avoidus

Oct 20th- Duboce Park - Hares:  MotorMount Jizzard – the pack took off after the legend-in-his-own-$^#% hare and his new scaredy-protégé.  One new hasher nearly made it her first and last *un, as crazy some urbanite scooted across an intersection at Market.  Hose Blower kissed the pavement but didn’t have to go home explaining any scraped knees, only damp shoes which he broke in by using as beers steins this night.  The trail seemed to go forever uphill but luckily not some ominous stairs or maybe that was the real trail versus the false trail that sent some hashers window shopping.  Pumpin Ethyl can’t stay away from gas stations and was seen using a mighty big key at the 76, tho this time he left the station fume-free…  Sniff My Box and Fucker, albeit late, found the whole trail and brought their sweaty selves back for down downs.  Rev Itchy got religious (he does this frequently we hear) and blessed the hares for too short a *un and not enough hills.  Cuming Mutha was reported to have gotten food poisoning from a local Hooters over the weekend, Just Does Get It called out a few who’ve been around the block a few times - - even an Olympic hopeful (un-oh what was her name again?), another a mathematician-gone-*unner-split-timer-nerd, Pump Fake finished a marathon.  Just Catherine, an occupational therapist, narrowly escaped a naming - depending on the guy she has various therapy methods, so let the naming inspiration beads start forming on your brows boys!  Just James NOW Circle jerk got named for outdoing PF’s math tricks with his recital of Pi = 3.14159265…is he that good at remembering phone numbers, too?  Speaking of Circle Jerks, SoS got called out for a private party, one Shit drinks, they all drink.  Coitus Avoidus was caught on trail showing On All Fours how to tie a knot, unknowingly also showing a little cheek.  PwaP drank for the sins of knowing where the hare lived …..ahhhhh….    

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