SFH3 Run #1061
: 10/27/2003
: Parking lot @ Marina Green and Webster
: ** Need Hare! **
: Coitus Avoidus

Oct 27th- Parking lot @ Marina Green and Webster  - The theme this week struck me a LOST LOSS WHERE?  LOST LOSS WHERE?  LOST LOSS WHERE?  Hare:  Ron Jon said he lost his first pick start location to MotorMount last week but he seemed to find an alternate one just fine – others with losses this past week weren’t as lucky - Infamous for his short and squashy penis and contrastingly long and arduous *uns…RJ led hashers along the flat lands to a check which was short on beer and down downs which were short on snacks.  Where’s My Vagina reportedly lost a screw, Whoracle lost her memory and her purse after the trolley stop at a local SF bar, while celebrating Hand Job for Humanity’s birthday, Just Mike lost his digital cable box – you can refer to him as Has No Box which can’t compare to RaStumpkin (the hashing cyclist formerly knows as Raspukin) who has not point…er fingertip - for those who didn’t know, he was used-car shopping the previous weekend and while inspecting belts and hoses, the owner showed off her engine!!!) – perhaps RaStumpkin should stick to tubes and chains, 2 wheels not 4 and keep the rest of his 9+ fingers…hell, it coulda been worse – the car could have overheated and he could have tried to cool it down w/the nearest hose available – d’oh!  Joe Pubic Hair lost a year of innocence and celebrated a birthday – nice packyourtrash.com t-shirt – we wondered what you were packing…(none of this Pi-hole bullshit (see Pi Tshirt from last week)) Deadbeat’s Tshirt ranks up there with a great Tshirt which read Fuck You You Fucking Fuck – his read Feminists *Fuck* Better –  stealing a line for JDGI…..go out and get some!

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