SFH3 Run #1702: Ides of March
: 03/16/2015
: Portsmouth Square, Chinatown
: the titty boo boo
: Do Her Well

Dim Someone Chinese Restaurant


Shanghai Drunken Chicken: I'm Drunk, breasts marinated and seared.


Sautéed Calf's Liver: Rent Whore, Frida Kahlo, lacey thongs, table side presentation.


Sticky Rice Wrapped Chicken: Hoseblower, Haireola. Cream sauce.


Steamed Geoduck: Millimeter Peter, deboned by Wee Wee Wee All The Way Home. May substitute Just Meredith for $6.


Mongolian Beef: Cirque Du So Lame, green shoots, tender nothings, dumplings.


House Special Party Platter: Perfect Woman, Dildo Baggins, Just Doesn't Get It, Do Her Well, Primal Vagina, served on one painting, basted with secret sauce.


Mu Shoe Pork: Just Ian, Ménage a Lot, steeped in high quality down-down. Drying time: 6 weeks.


Four Hare Special: Titty Boo Boo, Dr. Bombardier, Chin Chin Chilla, Che Gayvera, served well done.


Century Egg: Grandpa's Next. Imported especially for your satisfaction.