SFH3 Run #2131: Green Dress Run
: 03/13/2023
: Douglas & 24th street Noe Valley courts
: Masterbaster
: Do Her Well

There once was a hare, Masterbaster
A good whiskey-- he'd never waste her
But his checks were so tough,
Even One and Done found it rough,
And Do Her Well said he'd truly outchased her.

Humpy and Crabs couldn't see,
Any reason not to name two (or three?)
On their knees they did splay
Just Cynthia, SeXXX-ray,
And Just Susan-- Port-a-Hottie.
The dress squeezed around Muppet Dick,
Cum Test Dummy tried to be quick,
But as One Night Only pulled,
The dress over-ruled,
Women's sizes will sure make it stick.  

Dick Simmons held his camera out high,
King of Bedbugs pointed views in the sky,
Cockamole bent over,
Her dress, like fresh clover,
The best view was that green dress thigh.

Eat My Pussy, famously late,
Found time to make the hash date,
He rushed through trail, narrow,
Pushed past Boner Marrow,
But at the keg for the walkers' he'd wait.

Cuming Mutha's mustache did bristle,
When he thought he might sense a wee drizzle,
But On All Fours surely knew,
In San Francisco, downpour's dew,
And the tent will keep keg full fizzle.

Chicken Bone Her found stairs low and high,
With Good Shit the two did espy,
A better on in,
The MUNI would win,
Over one more Beer Near hare lie.

The arrival of Rocky Bowel Movement,
Incited Muff Daddy and Hand Pump's improvement,
With Sleazy they erected,
A tent that protected,
Even Bloqueen gave his approvement.

Rumple Dick Skin and Peg Me and Lace Me,
Found Daylight Savings still left less to see,
As the daylight grew dim,
And Circle Jerk circled in,
They found even blind kegs were tasty.