SFH3 Run #2138: Tiara R*n
: 05/01/2023
: Lafayette Park across from Spreckles Mansion
: Douche of Hazzard, Just Get It Over With, & Hand Pump
: Do Her Well

There you see them,

Douche of Hazard's made her way,

With Just Get It Over With's say,

There's something about them,

And you don't know why,

But you're dying to try

You wanna run the trail.


Yes, you want to,

Run that trail, you know you do,

Cum Test Dummy with a cast, too.

There is one way to find it.

It don't take Three Fingers

Even One And Done will do

Go on and run the trail



My, oh, my,

Boner Marrow's not too shy

He wants to run the trail



Fucker's glad,

Cockamole's not mad

They wanna run the trail


Now's Crabs' moment

To rip the hash shit into two

Famous Anus makes him do it,

Dick Simmons should know better

The pack don't say a word

They know they're best not heard

They don't want the hash shit



Cuming Mutha's not scared

Hand Pump's mystery, prepared

He's gonna run the trail.



Humpy don't stop now

You don't know how

You ran Fog City's trail.



Just Molly floats along,

With virgins she and Travis are strong,

They're gonna run the trail.


Rocky Bowel Movement

Past us all his snot rockets flew,

Jack the Ripper thought,

There's something about him.

At the hash you don't know why

Or what's up with those guys,

They're gonna run the trail.



ASB hears the music play,

Just Erika, what's the music say

You gotta run the trail.



Circle Jerk, he's

Gonna make it work

He's gonna run the trail



Medium Sized Balls of Fire,

He's gonna run right to the wire,

He's gonna run the trail


Muff Daddy, leading Sleazy

And Backwash too,

They've got a hold of On All Fours.

Cause with Wash This Asshole

By their side,

The beer they're gonna find,

They're gonna walk the trail.