SFH3 Run #1928: Tour de Franzia
: 05/13/2019
: Jackson Square Playground
: Wee Wee & Pole-Her-Bare
: Do Her Well

“Oh, what a lovely evening for an outing!” Tonya Hardon exclaimed. “I so look forward to sitting by the banks of the river enjoying a bit of wine and some fine conversation!”

“Let me pour you a glass!” Do Her Well offered. A light breeze blew by, and the sound of birds chirping filled the air.

“So lovely of Wee Wee and Pole Her Bare to plan this lovely adventure.” Sleazy Like Sunday Whoring remarked. “I do look forward to sampling the flight they’ve selected over the course of the evening.”

“I made an especial point of joining today,” Sodomentary Cock chimed in, One and Done nodding along. “I know it has been ages, but I could simply not miss the wonderful company.”

“I don’t suppose any of you would want to play a bit of a game?” asked Millimeter Peter.

“Oh a game, how lovely!” Dildo Baggins grinned.

“Do tell us what game it is you are thinking of!” Just Get It Over With begged.

“Oh just a bit of a chase, hares and hounds, you know how it goes,” Millimeter Peter answered. “A lark to fill the evening’s hours.”

“Jolly good,” Fucker declared. “Let us begin immediately.”

“Oh, yes,” Five Angry Inches ripped a strip out of his petticoat and tied it around his forehead. “It is on!”

The wine had disappeared with Wee Wee and Pole Her Bare, but Uber Luber was so busy running Cirque du So Lame into the mud that he barely noticed. Worst Bottom ever had Cockamole in a headlock, while Dickweed had stuck a stick in between Dick First Ass Up’s legs before being clotheslined by Circle Jerk. Just Chris had already gotten a papercut.

Unluckily for them, Cockulus Oculus had already taken command of a pedicab, with Bierectional urging Geordi La Foreskin to peddle harder or be whipped for disobedience. Bush and A Rack grabbed Dick Simmons for protection, but found he was already busy shooting Muppet Dick and Stinky Floss. In the melee, Udder Moron found himself on top of the pile.

“Now, now,” Udder Moron said soothingly. “Isn’t this a tad inappropriate for people of such fine breeding and distinction as ourselves?”

“You are correct, sir,” Vagina Dentata said. “If you could but pour me a sampling of your fine wine, I would be delighted.”

Just Courtney grabbed the bag and sucked it dry.

At this, Mouth Down South leapt on Buck Fucka’s shoulders, using Can’t Eat Pussy as a stepping stool. Fuck Norris had already commandeered a passing GoCar, Tongueless’s Penis serving as the counterweight as she rounded the corner. Luckily, Fit Bitch had just coaxed his virgin down from the tree when Backwash was waving Hand Pump over with the van so they could escape the riotous crowd that had formed. Muff Daddy jumped from the passenger seat, shouting “Witness me!” as he crashed to the ground, rolling to a stop at Fuck Buddy’s feet.

“Oh, so that’s how we’re doing this?” Worst Bottom Ever let out a stream of wine over the crowd, catching Tuna on Top, Fix Her Up Her, and Chicken Bone Her with one squirt.

“What a lovely pastime,” Cockagami remarked, raising a glass and extending his pinky.

“Indeed,” Just Doesn’t Get It agreed, toasting with him.

The End