SFH3 Run #1936: See Dick R*n.
: 07/08/2019
: Cupid's Span, Rincon Park
: DAMF and Dick Simmons
: Do Her Well

See Dicks. See Dicks run. Run Dicks run.

One Dick is Dick Ass Mother Fucker. Dick Ass Mother Fucker is the shorter Dick.

Another Dick is Dick Simmons. Dick Simmons is the longer Dick.

“Look, hashers,” Dick Simmons says. “See the marks. Follow the marks.”

“Marks are great!” says Bierectional.

“I love marks!” says Mary Tyler Whore.

“Who is Mark?” asks Udder Moron.

The pack is off! Wave to the pack! Run, pack, run!

Cream Throat Willy finds a mark. Can’t Eat Pussy finds another mark. Cuming Mutha finds a third mark. The pack is on!

Orieanal Express sees a phallic building. Eat My Pussy sees a public building. Shaft sees a private exit.

Hello Titties finds an elevator. Rise, Hello Titties, rise!

Gloryhole finds an escalator. Sink, Gloryhole, sink!

Fuck Buddy sees a waterfall. Just Michael sees a movie theater. Deadbeat sees a syringe. Gingervitis sees human feces.

The pack runs straight.

The pack runs straight.

The pack runs straight.

Some hashers Turkey, Some hashers Eagle. Bush And A Rack runs! Backwash walks!

Wrinklepecker finds Miss Delivery. Flash, Wrinklepecker, flash!

One Night Only follows trail. One Night Only finds the beer check. Hand Pump greets the pack.

Muff Daddy takes money. Do Her Well takes complaints.

Cum Test Dummy finds a beer. CPA finds a second beer. On All Fours finds a third.

Dickweed eats the orange food. Dickweed is not a hare-y Dick.

Dick Simmons and Dick Ass Mother Fucker pour down downs. Dick Simmons and Dick Ass Mother Fucker are hare-y Dicks.

Five Angry Inches and Vagina Dentata find crimes. Drink, hashers, drink!

The group has visitors. The visitors are introduced. Say hi to Fish and Shits. Say hi to Sink and Destroy. Say hi to Tongue Punch My Fart Box.

The pack has returners. The returners are introduced. Shame the returners. Shame Weiner I Am. Shame The Uniballer. Shame Miss Delivery. Shame the returners.

Cum Guzzling Cockaholic uploads to Strava.

See! Dick Run.