SFH3 Run #1976
: 04/13/2020
: Unknown
: Unknown
: Do Her Well

Cockamole, Tuna and Shaft one night
Logged on to a meeting on Zoom
Logged onto a debacherous drinking fest
With the SFH3 crew,
"Where are you going and who did you do?"
Do Her Well asked the three,
We have come to bug Sleazy and Sperm Donor
Old friends we hope to see;
An empty evening have we,"
Said Cockamole,
And Shaft.

Do Her Well laughed and sang a song;
As lights dimmed and wind blew;
And Udder Moron blinked and was gone;
Hand Pump toasted the crew;
A nice dinner was Sir Menage A Lot's wish,
Shashima toasted happily,
'This beer I'm drinking is quite delish,''
ABBAA had to agree,
And lifted his glass to the hashers three,
And Shaft.

All night long Tuna's thirst grew,
Cockamole sipped at the foam,--
Then onto the call came the time for more brew
Bringing Dick First Ass Up home;
A fresh face to the group, fate deemed
Can't Rush Anal would be,
And some folk thought the call, they'd dreamed
But I shall name you real hashers three:
And Shaft.

Cockamole and Tuna have sleepy eyes,
Shaft droops down his head,
Dildo Baggins lounges, gazing to the skies,
Handidicked thinks of his bed,
Say goodnight while hash songs we sing,
Future circles there will be,
Imagine the day of the beautiful thing,
Gathering once more free,
Where one day soon you'll see the hashers three:-
And Shaft.