SFH3 Run #1977: TiM's 420 Invasion!
: 04/20/2020
: Unknown
: Today is Monday
: Do Her Well

Today is 4/20,
We've nothing to do,
But get drunk and high,
It's the smart thing to do,

Twas a time when I'd see
Head Queen in my sight,
But now she and Rock Hard,
Are on my screen late at night.

Five Angry Inches shares
Some very secret news.
As Dick First Ass Up,
Takes in some sunset views.

And Tuna is plotting
For a plan of distraction,
One Night Only with flour,
Makes recipes an abstraction.

Cockamole's poor pooch,
Has an ear full of goop,
Hand Pump is blurry,
Dildo Baggins eats soup.

On a day like today,
Munchies plague us all,
With meals of Wrinklepecker
And Vagina Dentata on the call.

Do Her Well in the kitchen,
Big Cock Chains in the den,
Sleazy up the stairs,
Cosmic Pussy calls again,

Peekabooby joins early
Mother Hentai joins late,
Can't Rush Anal has Arnold
As a late night hot date.

And Just Get It Over With
Closes her eyes without a peep,
Circle ends as all good hashers
Get the fuck to sleep.