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04/29/2024 #2190: Short, Straight, and Shitty* Do Her Well Blow Queen Duboce Park
03/25/2024 #2185 Do Her Well Boner Marrow Duboce Park
02/05/2024 #2178: Blue Haring #1 Do Her Well Boner Marrow and Sweaty Betty Blue Heron Lake
01/29/2024 #2177 Do Her Well Cockamole Midtown Terrace Playground Picnic Area
04/01/2024 #2186: Fools Errant Do Her Well Cockamole Dolores Park
05/20/2024 #2193: Pink Tutu R*n Do Her Well Cuming Mutha and On All Fours GG park behind McLaren lodge
05/06/2024 #2191: Cum Test Dummy's cunnilingus cuntstravaganza Do Her Well Cum Test Dummy and Wrong Waymo Dorothy W Erskine park
02/26/2024 #2181: Miss Delivery’s Black History Month Hash Do Her Well Miss Delivery Jackson Playground
06/17/2024 #2197: Miss Delivery's Juneteenth Freedom Train Do Her Well Miss Delivery Blue Heron Lake Boathouse
06/10/2024 #2196: International BLACK COW Day R*n Do Her Well Dick Simmons Huntington Park
07/01/2024 #2199 Do Her Well Do Her Well Jackson Park
01/22/2024 #2176 Do Her Well Do Her Well and Just Doesn't Get It The road next to the golf course by Arguello gate
04/08/2024 #2187 Do Her Well Exaggerated Crack & Who's Your Daddy Jackson Playground, Arkansas at Mariposa
04/15/2024 #2188 Do Her Well Famous Anus The parking lot behind McLaren Lodge in Golden Gate Park off of Stanyan
05/13/2024 #2192: Tour de Franzia Do Her Well Four time Trail of the Year award winner: Lost in Foreskin with special guest Dirty Man Colada Washington Square Park
03/04/2024 #2182 Do Her Well Fucker Holly Park Circle and Highland (East Side)
01/15/2024 #2175: 21st Anal Foul Weather Debacle Do Her Well Hand Pump, Ultrahead, and Hoseblower Ruth Asawa School of the Arts Parking Lot on O'Shaugnessey Blvd.
03/11/2024 #2183: Green Dress Run Do Her Well Masterbaster Jackson Park, Arkansas st. & Mariposa st.
06/03/2024 #2195 Do Her Well Masterbaster Precita park
01/08/2024 #2174: 10 mins to the beer check Do Her Well Muff Daddy Franklin Square
01/01/2024 #2173: New Years Day Do Her Well Queen of the Gypsies Chickenboner Stow Lake Boathouse
06/24/2024 #2198 Do Her Well Sweaty Betty Duboce Park
05/27/2024 #2194: Getting some sun in the Sunset Do Her Well Wash This Asshole West Portal, 70 Lennox Way